I'm Asher.

I’m a software engineer who believes blockchain can be easy to navigate, be safe to interact with, and decentralize wealth & power.


My degree is in Psychology, not Computer Science. And I learned how to code from bootcamps, bootstrapping, and deep rabbit holes. As an unconventional techie, my mission is to educate people on the future of blockchain and inspire them to be a part of its development. As a crypto investor and DAO founder, I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve gained to help you make informed decisions as we step into the metaverse.


Blockchain will fuel every facet of your life - your shipping tracking, bank accounts, health records, social media, and even selling your house. Want to feel empowered as we embrace this new technology? Listen to my podcast, YourCryptoHoney, where I explain the world of blockchain in bite-sized pieces. 

I also impact the world outside of tech! I perform improv (to sometimes humbling audiences). I farm in the hopes of one day eating sustainably. I run a real estate business to provide safe homes where people can live abundantly. Most importantly, I learn from those around me, so my talents never run out.